Coolsculpting Treatment in Lahore | Karachi | Islamabad| Fat Freezing

Unless you have been vacationing on a deserted island for the last year or two, odds are, you have heard the praises of ‘fat freezing‘ away your fat with Cool Sculpting. First approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2010, the science of Cryolipolysis has quickly become one of the most important techniques in aesthetic medicine. The ability to harness extremely cold temperatures, to eliminate fatty tissue was first discovered by a group of Harvard scientists, as they were conducting completely unrelated experiments with children and popsicles.

Despite this benign origin, the theory of using concentrated chilly temperatures to freeze-off fat cells have quickly become the hottest method for plastic surgeons to sculpt the body without surgery. Even better, as the science of Cryolipolysis evolves, CoolSculpting is continuing their quest for optimal fat reduction with new applicators for more exceptional results.

CoolSculpting Basics

CoolSculpting utilizes two uniquely contoured applicator paddles placed along the area targeted fatty tissue. Once the fat has been vacuumed between the applicators, they rapidly cool to a freezing temperature. With traditional CoolSculpting, in 60 minutes the area fat cells are damaged, while healthy tissues remain safely untouched. Then, as the body metabolizes the unneeded fat cells over three to four months, patients will see up to a 30% reduction in fatty tissue, noting dramatically improved physical contours. Because a variety of applicators are available, CoolSculpting can be tailored for almost any area on a range of different body types. Without the need for incisions or sutures, there is little chance for complications following a CoolSculpting treatment. For those patients needing additional fat reduction, repeat sessions are safe and effective.

Traditional CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting’s traditional applicators were designed to provide maximum benefit for each patient, allowing treatments to be custom-tailored for personalized results. As each client may be looking to reduce the fatty tissue in a different region, the hand pieces can be interchanged as needed.

CoolSculpting’s traditional applicator designs are still in use today, offering a valuable alternative to invasive liposuction. The CoolSmooth™ PRO is essential for ‘hard to pinch’ areas of fat, like the outer thigh. CoolMini™ improves the appearance of fatty deposits in small locations, especially submental fat – also known as the double chin. For the largest volume of fat reduction, CoolSculpting’s CoolMax™ applicator offers exceptional results. The traditional CoolSculpting family of applicators ensures patients their hour-long treatment will offer optimal, noninvasive improvements. Each session is comfortable, requiring no anesthetic, as the area is quickly numbed.

CoolSculpting Latest Applicators

There are multiple benefits to latest CoolAdvantage Applicators. First, treatment time has been reduced from 60 minutes to only 35 minutes, meaning patients get their expected results faster than before. More important than speed is comfort and consistency. The new CoolAdvantage interchangeable handpiece has been redesigned to better hug physical contours. With better skin contact, the CoolAdvantage provides more consistent results over a larger treatment area. Finally, the close skin contact allows the CoolSculpting applicator to get to an even lower temperature, further contributing to the ideal results in only one session.