Weight Management Nutritional Intervention Treatment in Lahore| Karachi | Islamabad | Pakistan

Obesity is not just a cosmetic consideration it is a dire dilemma directly harmful to one’s health that lead to chronic medical complications including Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Sleep issues, Psychological, Psychiatric and many other issues.

No solution to Obesity is sustained and long-term unless a Healthy Lifestyle is adopted. Obesity is difficult to treat and has a high relapse rate. Greater than 95% of those who lose weight regain the weight within five years. It is clear that a more effective, long-lasting treatment for obesity is required. Which covers a person’s psychological and physical wellbeing? Various packages depending on person’s need and suitability are available. All potential candidates will be thoroughly screened and assessed before initiating the treatment.  Click Here to Read More about Weight Management Nutritional Intervention.

Our services:

  • Assessment of Eating disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, ED NOS)
  • Management of Obesity & Eating Disorders
  • Understand the multi-factorial causes of weight gain and obesity
  • Get individualized therapies for weight management, focusing on the individual issues
  • Identification of psychological dysfunction related to weight gain and weight loss
  • Individualized Meal plans
  • Natural Weight Loss Supplements
  • Stress Management & Behavioral Management
  • Psychiatric consultation

About Us

Our goal is to be the Gold Standard of skin care and cosmetic surgery in South Asia. I personally see every new patient who visits our clinic. I am Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology, American Board of Internal Medicine and American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.